Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My First Helmer

Hey guys,

So we're mixing it up today, instead of nails I'm going to be showing you my stash.
This weekend I took the plunge and went and bought my first helmer! So excited. I actually put it together without any help! (well Briar helped supervise)

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So I was actually really surprised how small it actually was, you can see it next to my old drawer set in the picture above (along with Briar's spidey on the floor) That being said I was so impressed how nicely everything fit. And I have so much room left over!

When I initially started blogging and doing my nails I just had all my polish in a wicker basket that Chelsea had gotten me... well that was perfect for about a month. Then I moved to small containers for each colour. Again that lasted maybe a month or two, from there I went to the drawer set in the picture. Which worked great except that the polishes couldn't stand up so they were all basically just tossed in there. Chaos. 

Now my old drawer set is home to my crafting supplies, my nail art supplies and my swatch sticks.

For my helmer I sorted everything by colour because for me that works better than by brand.

First drawer is my reds & oranges. 
 It's funny because I thought I had so many reds then when I put them in the drawer I was like umm thats it? So I have lots of room for new reds & oranges. I also have my Zoya Renew & my Nicole Drying Drops in here.

The second drawer is my Yellows/Golds & Greens.

My blues get their own drawer.

Same with the purples

Next are my pinks and my blacks

The last drawer are my whites, greys/silvers, browns/nudes.

 I'm loving this, and let me tell you if you have a decent sized collection (mine is around 350) invest in a helmer, it's so worth it plus for about $60 it's going to save you a huge headache when it comes to searching for that one polish. It also helps store your polish in the best way, in the dark!.
Well guys hope you enjoyed something different, up tomorrow is my Julep Maven Box review.

Here is Briar supervising me build my Helmer over top of the helmer box


  1. Nice storage set up! I am probably going to have to bite the bullet soon. Just trying to move some plastic rainbow Rubbermaid shelves out of my room and a Melmer/Helmer will be mine! We have about the same sized collection but I have wayy too many turquoises and teals - I am naturally gravitated towards those colours, haha!


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