Saturday, October 18, 2014

Essie - Dress To Kilt

Hey guys,

So the plan today is to finally get my yard decorated for halloween! I have been slacking big time and need to get a jump on things otherwise I'm just going to have the same old boring halloween house as usual. Nope, this year it's up to me and it will be different!

Okay you you guys are aware of my obsession with Scotland. So when I saw Essie's Fall Collection, I immediately wanted the whole thing just for this one polish. I don't even really like Essie, but I managed to talk myself out of ordering the whole collection, but I did have to have this one beautiful red. That being said this polish blew me away. I've had some pretty hit and miss experiences with Essie and their formula, but let me tell you this was ALMOST a one coater! I was very impressed and I loved wearing this.
This is two coats.

This is
Essie - Dress To Kilt


  1. This one looks really nice. What a gorgeous red and what a funny name! ;-)

    Have you ever been to Scotland? Lol I've lived here all my life! ;-)

    1. No I haven't it's on my bucket list though!

    2. Awesome. When you come over, gimmie a shout and I can show you about and good polishes shop of course ;-)


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