Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OPI - Pirates of the Caribbean Minis

Hey guys,

So while I was going through my spreadsheet and adding swatch links I noticed a bunch oh polishes that never got swatched. What surprised me most was the Pirates of the Caribbean minis, I'd had these since I started my blog and have used them in several different manis. Apparently I had never swatched them individually though. I love this collection so I'm excited to finally show you.

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First up we have this gorgeous dusty rose. I've used this one quite a few times.
This was two coats.

Sparrow Me The Drama

Next we have a light sage green, I haven't used this one as much but it's such a nice mellow green.
This was three coats.

Stranger Tides

Next is a grey I have used quite a few times. 
This was three coats.

Skull and Glossbones

And last is a beautiful purple. 
This is two coats.

Planks A Lot

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  1. These look good. It was a collection that I always meant to get some of! :-)


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