Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LVX - Caviar

Hey guys,

So tonight I am dying, okay not literally but I am so out of shape and I had a really intense lesson tonight (serves me right for deciding to ride in the same lesson as my in-shape friend Jill) and every part of my body hurts, my lungs are burning like they did in grade 9 gym class when they made us run laps. It's embarrassing how out of shape I am.

Tonight I have a polish from a brand I've never seen before. This also came from Nicole from a subscription box. Now I know this polish looks kind of gritty in the pictures but this is without a topcoat. I used this as a base for a galaxy manicure so I didn't put top coat on for the pictures. I should have, the gold glitter in this just made it ever so slightly bumpy. A single coat of SV would have fixed this.
This was two coats.
This is
LVX - Caviar

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  1. Oh man that sucks! I know when that happens to me I feel so sore. I know I'm out of shape too but I've got no motivation :-(

    This is really nice and I like the glitter in it :-)


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