Sunday, June 17, 2012

Criminal Minds Manicure

Hey guys

So Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.
Well I finally posted all the pictures of the Nail Polish Jewelry that I made this week.
Find the photos here.
Click Me!
If you see something you like let me know.

Anyone who's been around me for the past few weeks has heard me go on about Criminal Minds. Miss Jill got me hooked on that one (actually a repeat is playing in the background as we speak), anyways so I've pretty much done not much other than craft and watch Criminal Minds for the past few weeks (I'm on season 5 and still loving it)

I thought I would do a Criminal Minds inspired manicure. It's obviously not the best "bloody" manicure I've seen but I think it turned out not too bad.

I used
Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers - Black Pearl
Essie - Blanc (as a base for the red)
Essie - Size Matters

Any other Criminal Minds fans out there??

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