Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orly - Hook Up

Hey guys,
So just a quick little blurb today.
I water marbled my nails yesterday and I can officially say I am getting better!
My plan is to go on a water marble spree and just practice the crap out of it. My right hand always turns out better than my left which is bizarre. Anyways those pics will be up soonish.
In other news I'm almost finished my blanket for baby Ryley (the only reason I mention it because I am super confident Jac is not reading my blog)

I've also watched almost 2 full seasons of Criminal Minds still without any sort of nightmare about Serial killers so my subconscious is either broken orrrr I dunno.


So I have Orly- Hook Up
for you guys today

This is probably my favourite yellow that i have, The reflection off of it does make my skin look a tad jaundiced but again. Whatever.
it's pretty :)

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