Friday, June 15, 2012

Island Girl - Royal Hawaiian

Hey guys
So I have like zero time to write this right now BUT I'm gonna do it anyways!
Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and write a half decent post and fill you in on some rather exciting things.

Anyways so while I was housesitting for My little Birdie, Chelsea a couple weeks ago I found this beauty in her stash this little guy is a present from one of her best friends Nicole (not to be confused with MY best friend Nicole) when she went to hawaii after Chelsea had seen the polishes Jill had brought back for me.

This beauty is
Island Girl - Royal Hawaiian

yeah they're super creative with the names but HOLY BANANA CRACKERS!!! I Looooooooved this colour. I pretty much stared at my nails all day even though shortly after these pictures were taken I had to fish a sock out of Crosby's mouth soooo they weren't this perfect for too long.

Anyways Nicole you get 2 polished thumbs up for bringing this beauty back to Canada!!!

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