Sunday, June 3, 2012

Orly - Frisky

Hey guys,

So between everything lately I have been super swamped and totally slacking on my blog, SORRY. I'm still doing my nails and taking pics so no worries they'll make it on here.

Right now I am currently working on a paint by numbers for the corporate challenge scavenger hunt, crocheting a baby blanket for Jac's new baby Ryley (who was born today!! Welcome into the world Miss Ryley Marie!!) while trying to write, and still trying to get my nails done. There aren't enough hours in the weekend!

I also bought a rolling drawer organizer for my polishes! so exciting.

That being said I've also been kicked out of my basement/cave/work space by crazy huge ant/spider hybrid things... Which Dad is loving but I am NOT happy about. Dear Bugs, STAY THE EFF OUT OF MY HOUSE.

Anyways moving on from my crazy-girl ramblings.

This is
Orly- Frisky
a Robin's egg blue that leans a little to the green side of that.

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