Saturday, September 1, 2012

Avalon Clapham Crackle

Hey guys,

So do I have any Whovian's out there?? Everyone super stoked for season 7? Okay one of my goals for this weekend is to finish up season 5 & 6 (yes I'm a bit behind)

Alright, now I know almost everyone in the blogosphere is super sick of Crackles/Shatters and all the sort. Okay I still totally dig them, no not all the time but sometimes it's just what you need to quickly and easily reboot a manicure. I always struggle with the Nails Inc crackles I own (Clapham & Islington) because as far as crackles go they're kind of bizarre colours that don't fit very well with a lot of different colours. So every once in a while I try to pull them out and see how things go. This one actually worked rather nicely. Not my favourite but not bad.

For this I used
A England - Avalon
Nails Inc. - Clapham Crackle Topcoat

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