Monday, September 3, 2012

Black Base VS White Base

Hey guys,

So when the Orly Feel the Vibe collection came out it came out with a Black polish (After Party) that while a gorgeous colour on it's own apparently doubles as a base for the neons in the collection. 

For some reason using a black base under Neons never occurred to me, it seemed like white was the choice that made sense so I wondered, what would the difference between using a black base and a white base be?

For my white base I used Orly Au Champagne and for my black base I used Orly After Party.
For my neons I used my Island Girl "Magic Mike" polishes.

This is the black base. This took 4 coats of neon over the 1 coat of black. (No topcoat)

This is 2 coats of neon over 1 coat of the white (no topcoat)

Verdict: Most of the colours worked okay over the black (clearly not the yellow) but overall I think it looks a bit better with the white base. Aside from the yellow there isn't a HUGE difference.

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