Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rue Beauté - "Trifecta"

Hey guys,

So once again here I am making up polish names. Seriously though if you don't put a name on your bottle of polish I have no clue what else I'm expected to do. 

This is a colour that Nicole found for me somewhere. It's one of those tri-coloured polishes that has a big "Do Not Shake" sticker on the top... I'm never quite sure how they work but this is mine.

Since it's a tri-coloured polish I've decided to name it "Trifecta"

This one is a Pink/Blue/Purple trio and finishes as a darker purple. It's actually really gorgeous on.


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  1. It's a pretty color, but I was expecting for other effect, maybe something new and different. Too much simple...
    Nice blog...


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