Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ima SOA Manicure

Hey guys,

So I've been having a really crummy day. Started off by learning that my idiot horse knocked down a fence. Then heard about the passing away of Johnny Lewis who played one of my favourite characters in Sons of Anarchy. Overall it was just a rather gloomy day. Moving on

So my manicure today belongs to that of probably my least favourite SOA characters.

Ima. Also known around my house as "Ima Huge Skank" or "Ima Wh*re" 

(Photo Cred:

Anyways she's awful, and I hate her. However just because I don't like her doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve her own manicure. 

For this I used.
Bed Head - Mastermind (White Base)
OPI - In The Spotlight Pink
Orly Instant Artist - Light As A Feather
Orly Instant Artist - Tweet Heart
Born Pretty Store Resin Crystals

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