Saturday, December 29, 2012

Avon - "Silver"

Hey guys,

So remember that polish no-buy I talked about a few weeks ago. Well that seems to have gone completely out the window. Seriously what is wrong with me? Oh right addiction. Well the boxing day sale at NPC got to me. I also hit up ebay and got a bunch of swatching wheels so I can finally catalogue all my polishes in swatch form as well. No doubt that'll make it easier and less daunting when friends want to pick out a polish to borrow. Also we know how much I love keeping my collections in order which will be awesome because my actual collection is insane (chaotic drawers just jumbled together, uggh I hate it) Also riddle me this batman, how can I be so OCD with my DVD collection & my polish collection yet my room literally looks like a bomb exploded.

Moving on, so this swatch has literally been sitting in my drafts box forever with it's "siblings" and I keep passing over it for more exciting manicures or polishes. Well time to set this baby free.

This is

Avon Mirror Shine - "Silver"
I actually have no clue what the real name of the polish is because the sticker on the bottom vanished sometime over the ten years of owning this polish.

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