Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gold Jelly Sandwich

Hey guys,

So one of my favourite things to do on the Christmas break is go hard and marathon my way through entire series of different shows, Alias, Chuck, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles are a few of my past Christmas obsessions. This year it's Stargate Atlantis, yes I occasionally get my geek on for the sole purpose of drooling over sexy guys. In this case Jason Momoa was the catalyst. He's so yummy.

So this jelly was a polish that intrigued me for no other reason that it's the most bizarre ugly colour. Well I obviously had to have it and I happened to have enough reward points on NPC to get it. Of course as soon as I put it on I was like wow this is pretty awful. But I kind of liked it too so thought I might as well add a glitter and make a sammich!

For this I used
Nfu Oh - JS39
Color Club - Take The Stage

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