Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dollish Polish - Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Hey guys,

So starting today, I'm going to be hanging out with my nephew the golden retriever Crosby for a few days while his Momma is away visiting her sister. I feel kind of bad though because today is my baby girl Briar's 6th birthday and I had to leave her. Not before I gave her her birthday cake though so I feel slightly better.

So I think Indie polishes are fantastic there are more than a few brands I want to try super badly but I'm terrible for never actually ordering them when I get a chance so when Dollish Polish announced that for it's limited run polish Girls Rule Boys Drool, you could enter your name into a lottery. Well I thought might as well really what are the odds I'll get chosen. Well I did and this pretty baby was on it's way to me.

This is
Dollish Polish - Girls Rule, Boys Drool

For a base Sparitual - Thunder Road was used. There are 2 coats of GRBD on the thumb & ring finger. One coat on the rest. The glitter is matte and pretty dense. I have no doubt you could get this to be opaque with 3 coats. Or at least nearly opaque. 

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