Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holographic Argyle

Hey guys,

So my Instagram secret santa present finally came today! Huge shout out to Roxette at That One Nail Blog who got my name. So exciting, she totally knocked it out of the park for me! I got 2 OPI's (Tomorrow Never Dies & Every Month is Oktoberfest) & China Glaze Ruby Pumps (which I've only been lusting over for AGES!) I'll swatch these for you guys soon! along with the three amazing polishes I got the cutest set of nail clippers (the toenail clippers are shaped like a foot and are zebra print... WHAAAAATTTT sorry I'm clearly still so excited) And two different sized emery boards.

Okay I need to move on before my head explodes. Okay so this was kind of a botched attempt at an Argyle pattern. The white needs to be dotted but whatever I won't dwell on it. I still like this

For this I used

Nfu Oh - 64
Nfu Oh - 65
Orly Instant Artist - Crisp White

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