Friday, November 1, 2013

Battle of the Silver Holos!!

Hey guys,

Holy November Batman! Shall we kick this month off with something exciting?
So apparently I have been hoarding Silver Holos so I thought I would do a comparison just in case anyone was wondering where to put their money.

I'll be comparing
Julep - Rebel
Butter London - Dodgy Barnett
Nfu Oh - 61
Avon - Moonbeam

So lets start with one coat over an Aquabase. Yes you have to deal with my way stained nails here but just get over it. So already you can see great coverage from Nfu Oh and Julep, Avon is pretty good too. Butter London is crap.

Next up 2 coats. So at this point we have total coverage from Nfu Oh and Julep. Instead of wasting I'm going to stop here with them. Avon is almost full coverage too. Butter London is still crap

So here we've got 3 coats of Avon and BL now, Avon is now at full coverage, and while BL is getting better it's still pretty dang sheer.

So this is 4 coats of BL and you can still see VNL. I stopped here because I was just getting annoyed at the Butter London. For straight up holo Nfu Oh is the way to go with the strongest holo. Julep had a bit of a satin finish to it when it dried. I must say I think Avon & Nfu Oh are my top picks depending what kind of holo you want.

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