Friday, November 8, 2013

Rainbow Honey (Fancy) - Confetti

Hey guys,

So rather recently Rainbow Honey has done a couple exclusive sets for sites like Fab and Fancy. While I don't exactly think of this as a bad thing, as a Canadian I am not a fan of the sites they chose. Shipping was insane. Like "it's just not worth it, I need a friend who lives in the states" type insane. That and this particular polish was sold in a 2 bottle pack. 2 of the same polishes... I don't know about you guys but other than like black and white, now a days I pretty much don't need 2 bottles of ANYTHING. 

This beauty was a gift from my nail polish BFF Melissa who is a die hard Rainbow Honey fangirl. She found a friend in the states who basically acted as a polish mule for her, and since this was a double bottle set she gave me one. AND THANK GOODNESS SHE DID.
I love this, I love how it reminds me of the rainbow sprinkle cake batter you can buy. I am such a sucker for white based glitters.  

This went on great too, this is 2 coats.

This is
Fancy (Rainbow Honey) - Confetti

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  1. Bright glitter looks so good in a white base! Love it :)


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