Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sephora by OPI - The Way Tutu His Heart

Hey guys,

So in the fun of Heroes and Villains I totally got behind on sorting my swatches and getting my act together for when the month was over, so while I have a lot of exciting things to show you (HOLY HOLOS BATMAN!) I am going to do my best to push some of these older swatches off my plate.
So bear with me please, I will probably also batch post some of them which aside from Julep is something I haven't done in a while.

This polish came in the set with Handpicked for Me and It's Bouquet with Me (I think those were the names, forgive me if they aren't) So I feel so out of the loop I didn't realize Sephora was swapping out the SOPI polishes for Formula X?? I'm a bit heartbroken as I love SOPI which considering I don't have a massive collection is probably weird. Anyways sorry I had to point that out.
This is a SUPER light pink, like so light it's cream. I liked the simplicity of this and can see it being used as a base for some fun glitters.

This was 3 thin coats.
This is
Sephora by OPI - The Way Tutu His Heart

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