Friday, November 29, 2013

Supernatural Lacquer - I Mustache You A Question

Hey guys,

So tomorrow marks the end of Movember one of my favourite months when all the awesome/nasty mustaches come out to play, oh man I made that sound super dirty. Sorry, I meant that in a yay raising cancer awareness.
Also tomorrow is my work Christmas party, if it's anything like the past couple years I will likely be a blast. Here's to crazy photobooth pictures!

To mark the wrap of Movember I have a super fun polish to show you guys, there is a mate to this but I'll show you that next week. 

I found these while scouring Storenvy which is a site I really like the set up of. Looking at mustache stuff I came across a brand called Supernatural Lacquer who amongst a bunch of other cool polishes had MUSTACHE polish. So of course I had to order them. 

In the description it talks about the mustache glitters being hard to fish out. Well that's not a lie. It took me forever to get these three out. Of course once I did it was totally worth it! How adorable are these? I pretty much ran around all day saying "Look I have mustaches on my nails!!" You'll need to do a bit of glitter placement with these as I found them not wanting to cooperate and lie flat but my nails are fairly round so if you have flatter nails you may have more luck.

This is two coats.

This is
Supernatural Lacquer - I Mustache You A Question
over Julep - Nicolette

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