Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Kraken

Hey guys,

Exciting news! My Dyson arrived today and it is amazing! Is it weird to take selfies with your vacuum cleaner then make really inappropriate jokes about it? I'm going to say no since I did both those things. 

This beauty was a gift from Miss Melissa. Normally this is where I would link to her blog but I am attempting to post this from my phone so forgive me for not doing so. I am so in love with this. Krakens simultaneously remind me of the rollercoaster in sea world, clash of the titans, and pitch perfect.

This is one coat over OPI - Yodel Me on My Cell Phone. 

This is
Rainbow Honey - The Kraken

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  1. That is glorious. So much depth, even with one coat layered over something else!


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