Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bliss Polish - Sons of Anarchy Collection

Hey guys,

So like I mentioned earlier I meant to post these to coincide with the season 6 finale but I was sick and like I said it just threw off my groove so instead I'm showing you these now.
When I caught wind of these on instagram I hauled ass over to Bliss Polish's shop on Storenvy and grabbed the ones I wanted. Which was all but two from the collection. I didn't grab Tara & Lyla since they didn't really call out to me. The rest however sure did.

Lets start with one of my faves, This is Gemma, a bright red/oxblood thermal polish scattered with holo glitter. I just want to wear this ALL THE TIME.
This is two coats.

So I really loved this polish but it didn't photograph too well so just take my word for it. 
This is a white/cream crelly polish that is just jam packed with gold shimmer and larger flakes of gold. This dried matte so I included a pic of that. This was pretty sheer so this took more coats. This was 4 coats.


 So Jax was initially sold out when I placed my first order but I am super glad I made the effort to make a special order for it. Not only is Jax my fave character this polish is fantastic. It dries super matte, and the holo is somewhat lost in matte but with a topcoat it really shines. I loved it both ways. This is 2 coats.


Next up is a fantastic black scatter holo. I love blacks, I love holos, really this is just wonderful.
Oh and it was 2 coats. Superb.


And lastly in honor of one of the greatest Men of Mayhem, Opie. This polish is perfect. The glitter payoff was great and the coverage was way better than I expected. This is 2 coats! I really loved this one. Is that obvious?


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  1. What a fun collection! We are almost half-way through season 5 and i may need to pick these up =D


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