Monday, December 9, 2013

Supernatural Lacquer - Shave It For Later

Hey guys,

So disclaimer: I'm and idiot and the season finale of SOA is actually tomorrow... makes sense now why last week's episode wasn't as cliff-hangery as I expected. All that panic for nothing. I WAS EARLY. 
Moving on.
I have the other mustache polish for you today, now let me start by saying, I am so not happy with how whenever I decide to use NPB's Glitter Food it seems to react with my top coat and get wavy, SO ANNOYING. So I'm working on that, so that's why it looks all creased. It also seems to have made my base colour bleed over top of one of the mustache glitters (ring finger) so now you know what was happening here... not the polish, the top coats.
Like IMYAQ the glitters were super hard to dig out however I think there were fewer in this bottle than in IMYAQ. I spent a LOT of time digging. That being said I liked the black and white of this, and the mustaches are still so cute! Ugh I'm so sad movember is over.
This was two coats over Julep - Carrie
This is
Supernatural Lacquer - Shave It For Later

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