Thursday, December 26, 2013

Josie Maran Bearnaked Nail Wipes

Hey guys,

I have something a bit different for you today,
I ordered this a few weeks ago because I think nail polish remover wipes are fantastic for on the go, or at work and I LOVE polar bears. So when I saw these wipes at Sephora I figured why the heck not. Part of the proceeds go to the Polar Bears!. 

First off these have a great grapefruit scent and don't smell like polish remover at all, 
I used them to remove Julep - Jillian which was a shimmery eggplant colour. I only needed one wipe for all ten nails, and these left my fingers feeling really nice and moisturized, It took a bit longer to remove than with normal remover but I really liked the way these made my fingers feel. I don't know how they would do with glitter polish but these are definitely my new go to nail wipes, I wouldn't hesitate using these at my desk at work if I needed to since there is no harsh smell.

The blue staining was from a previous polish.

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