Thursday, December 5, 2013

Deborah Lippman - Wicked Set

Hey guys,

So when NPC stopped carrying Deborah Lippmann I was fairly certain that was going to be the end of any DL polishes I was ever going to own. Well apparently I was wrong, a while back I believe Sephora was having a sale... I think? or maybe I was just biting the bullet and grabbing some lemmings (umm hello Illamasqua Phallic) actually yeah I was probably just going a bit nuts and Wicked is one of my fave musicals, I have wonderful memories of going to see it in London with my best friend. (My mind has conveniently chosen to forget how bad my feet were killing me that day after trekking around in brand new heels, although Nicole being the wonderful person she is swapped shoes with me for the walk home) 

Anyways so this set was calling my name. As does the TrueBlood sets, but those are harder to come by. 

I love the way these were packaged, it's the extra little touches like that that remind you why you pay extra for this brand.

Lets start with Defying Gravity
This is the perfect Elphaba green. and a fantastic green creme.
This is two coats.
Now lets break out in song.

Defying Gravity

Moving on to the next beautiful green in the set. This is a great emerald green glitter with fantastic coverage. I layered this over a green but I have NO clue what is underneath because you can't even see it. 
This is 2 coats.

One Short Day

And last is Popular a pink with a blue flash, honestly this was the only one that didn't live up to expectations this was way more sheer than expected. This was 3 coats.


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