Saturday, December 7, 2013

Revlon - Girly

Hey guys,

So this was a polish that was skewered in the blogger world. People applauded Revlon for trying to tap into the chunky glitter in a jelly base that was happening so prominently in the indie world but yet saying they somehow missed the mark. I saw this all over the place and had to admit I wasn't a fan, something seemed a bit dirty about it. 
With that said this came in a package from Melissa and I was still eager to try it. So I got out a base pink, in this case I used OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama then layered 2 coats of Girly over top.
result? I actually loved it. In person it didn't seem muddy or dirty it was just a pretty glitter polish. 

So with that I'm going to say: Sometimes you just need to try the dress on before you make your final judgement.

This is
Revlon - Girly

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