Monday, December 23, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Candy Cane Gram

Hey guys,

{first things first I want to issue a retraction from my BL-Chancer post... I mentioned my coworker bought me that polish, well as I have been corrected I should have said my friend did because friends are the people who inform you of handsome bearded men at work while you are away}

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve... or Happy Festivus. I am currently watching my very first black person Christmas movie (I didn't know this was a thing, I never thought of my Christmas movies as black or white...) So far so good, it's much raunchier than I expected.

Today I have a polish from my dear NPBFF. This is the polish I wished The Lady Varnishes - You Remind Me Of The Babe was. This is two coats over top of Rainbow Honey - Nyx, the bar glitter in this one was totally not even a pain to work with.

This is 
Rainbow Honey - Candy Cane Gram

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