Monday, December 30, 2013

December Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

So we have one day of 2013 left and with that I have the last Julep box of 2013 to show you,
Overall this year I have really loved getting my Julep boxes each month, my collection of Julep polishes has gotten larger in this past year than I had expected it to.

This month I ordered the Boho Glam box.

This month's box included two Twistbands which are hair ties, I LOVE them, like I actually want to join the Twistband club and probably would if I wasn't trying to cut back on buying stuff. Maybe one day.

The product this month was a neutral eye shadow palette, I'm actually sure this is something I will use, I love neutral palettes.

I also grabbed one add on polish this month.

Smoky blue-grey crème
I love how understated this polish is, plus it had a great formula, this was 2 coats. One drawback - this stained like you wouldn't believe. I totally didn't expect that from a polish this colour.

Full coverage smoky holographic glitter
This is a micro holo glitter topper with great glitter pay off. This is one coat over Misti, plus it was super sparkly.

Deep eggplant with bronze molten
I tacked this one onto my order mostly because of one of my closest friends Jill, I really wound up liking the depth to this one. This was 2 coats.
So I forgot my camera died while taking these pictures so I only have the two crappy pictures of this one, sorry!


  1. I am obsessed with Jillian!! It is one of my fave purples!

  2. Misti is beautiful, one of my favourite shades!


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