Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sephora X Ariel Collection

Hey guys,

So I have Sephora's Whatchanailcallit set for you today, this is the third set in Sephora's Disney princess collections, the other two were Sephora by OPI but now that Sephora has moved on to their own Formula X or Sephora X thats what these guys are.

Overall I'm not happy with the switch since I had some problems with this set, BUT I did get a refund so I can't complain too much. See more after the jump

So lets start with why I was initially annoyed. I ordered this online and when I opened it I found this.
One of the polishes was completely dried out. In the end I'm sure I have something similar to this so it's not like I was really missing out too much.  That being said TOTALLY DRIED OUT? Seriously.

Off the Hook

Next up was my FAVOURITE from this collection, this colour is the perfect shade of Ariel hair. Plus this polish wasn't dried out in the least so application was great! this was 2 coats.

We Are In Luck Here

Next is a Teal shimmer. This was a bit more sheer so this is 3 coats but I didn't have any application problems.

Devotin' To Floatin'

First off I think that they should have switched the name of this polish with We Are In Luck Here, but whatever. I love the colour of this but this was another bottle that was slightly dried out so it was pretty goopy. Such a pretty creme though. This was 2 goopy coats.

Hotter In The Water


Last we have a very pretty iridescent flakie top coat that totally reminds me of bubbles.
This is one coat over Hotter In The Water.

Life is in the Bubbles

Overall this is probably my least fave of the princess collections but I did like some of what it had to offer.

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