Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aruba Blue Glitter Gradient

Good news! All my christmas shopping is done. Okay thats a lie I have one more gift to get but I only have to go pick it up so I'm not counting that one. Other good news I picked up a bunch of new polishes on my travels yesterday, before and after I had to run out to the barn to see Breezer who had hurt himself... I won't go into detail cause it's yucky. Bottomline, he should be okay and YAY new polishes.

I'm going to have to show most of them to you another day because Chelsea and her hubby got a puppy and I was just informed that I can go squish him in 45 minutes!

So my newsprint nails finally bit the dust. (sad face) So I decided to try one of my new polishes
Essie Aruba Blue. So pretty.

And OPI Servin' Up The Sparkle

I wanted to try this gradient technique I'd seen. It didn't work as well as I would have liked because everyone knows glitter can be fickle. But all in all I don't think it turned out too bad at all.
Kinda seems wintery? I think so. The gradient technique would definitely work better with a shimmer but since the colour I would have used is still a SECRET i didn't want to accidently shoot myself in the foot. Although my toes are currently all done up in mystery colours and I'm loving it!

Because I like this my next post will probably just be full of all the colours I got yesterday. 1 week until my birthday!! just so everyone knows!!

So after getting in trouble from my sidekick. heres an updated photo. I finally brought my real camera downstairs.

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