Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SV Top Coat Test Drive Day 2

Okay so before I get into this post, sidebar: I just got home from seeing Breaking Dawn. Holy banana crackers... what a awful movie. Now, okay I will be the first to admit yes the Twilight movies are a guilty pleasure, I love to hate them. Really though??? Jacob was shirtless all of like 1 time and lets face it his abs are really the only reason I would pay 12 bucks to see those movies anywhere but the comfort of my own couch. Bleh. I'm going to have nightmares about Bella, her alien body, and those monster huge teeth of hers.

So back to why you came here. No new nails for me but I have Top Coat picture updates from Sidekick extraordinaire Chelsea. Who is in my bad books right now because AFTER giving her older sister crap about opening all her Christmas gifts, guess who went and opened the Christmas gift that I gave her. Yep, Chelsea. I hope you wind up reading this Hayley, I gave her crap already don't you worry.

Okay pictures! Seche Vite Top Coat Test Drive Day 2

So aside from some some minor chipping around the edges after typing all day looks pretty good!
Check back tomorrow to see if she chipped her nails after opening presents BEFORE christmas.

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