Friday, December 30, 2011

Footloose and Fancy Free!

Alright so when I was all indecisive and couldn't decide what colour to paint my nails, Chelsea said PINK. So pink is what she's getting. Yes I'm aware the post title is lame. Get over it. I have a headache and keep getting distracted by Matt Dillon on TV.

So first up. Essie Foot Loose.
If you haven't guessed by now half the time I'll buy polish if it has a sweet name... even if I'm not 100% sure of the colour. I love this colour as far as pinks go it's pretty dang awesome.
Heres a pic of just Foot Loose. This is one coat. Yep it's that awesome.
Then I grabbed this wild glitter that I got from Chelsea for my birthday.
Color Club Fame & Fortune 
2 coats of polish
2 coats of glitter
 1 coat of OPI topcoat
 1 coat of SV
and this is what we had  

This manicure came out great. I'm pretty sure it would have lasted DAYS without chipping if I had left instead of changing my polish.
There you go Chelsea, PINK nails.
And a parting gift. This is how Briar Rose insisted on sleeping on her bed today

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