Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to the madness

Okay so everyone can from here on out blame this on Chelsea. Miss "you should really start a blog" welp alright. So lets get something straight, if you want to see perfect nails... stop right there. I am far to lazy and impatient to get my nails perfect. What you will see is your average 23 (okay 22 right now but lets round up shall we?) year old girl try (and fail most of the time) different nail techniques and polishes. You'll see lots of red, lots of sparkle and lots of bright colors. I paint all oover my nail beds and my nails are right now tinted blue from a manicure I did weeks ago (whoops).
Somehow I went from being a reformed nail biter (thank god I broke that habit years ago) to a black nail polish only to a manicure chameleon.

So now that you know what to expect heres what I did tonight.
I wanted to take a crack at candy cane nails that I saw on pinterest (don't know what pinterest is? poor dear)

So I broke out my Spa Ritual Ice Ice Baby which is a pearl white.
I got this polish about a million years ago at a Beauty Expo, it's not my favourite cause it takes a while to dry (I mentioned I'm impatient right?) but it survived the great "Nail Polish Purge of 2011" due to it's name. yep I'm a sucker for Vanilla Ice, and I'm glad I kept it, it's come in handy now that I'm obsessed with winter nails.

After three coats of the white, 2 episodes of fear factor and half of Canada's Worst Driver I grabbed some painters tape and cut out strips... i should have cut skinnier stripes but well at least I have another hand, then I blocked my nails off in stripes, I kept it inconsistant because well why not.
Then I grabbed OPI Ali's Big Break a shimmery bright red. (yep you guessed it one of my faves)
and painted my nails that I had blocked off. Trick here: peel off the tape while the polish is still wet/tacky otherwise it might want to peel off with the tape. also make sure you don't press the tape down too hard or it might try to pull up the base color (I have a air bubble on my thumb because of that.)

So heres a pic from tonight it's getting late and I don't want to mess it up too bad. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow as well with it cleaned up a bit.

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