Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Newsprint Nails!

Alright so a couple exciting things before I get started.

The Nicki Minaj OPI collection comes out in January! Theres a few polishes from this line that I'm craving but I'll keep a lid on it until the collection actually comes out.
Okay it's Fly and Save Me. I have no self control.

Alright second thing.
China Glaze Colours from the Capitol is coming out in March, just in time for the Hunger Games movie! Yep thats the geek in my coming out. Head on over to All Lacquered up to see the colours. So excited!!

Okay so down to business. Around 2:00 my mission in life was to rid myself of my candy cane nails. By 4:30 candy canes were gone and with the help of my trusty sidekick Newspaper nails were suggested. Challenge accepted! alright so what you need for this is simple. Light base colour, newspaper, rubbing alcohol (although Chelsea said she read you can use regular alcohol??? not sure if thats true or not.) and a top coat.

For my base colour I chose OPI Skull & Glossbones.
It's a really gorgeous gentle grey. (and yes the bottle I have is a mini, considering how often I change my mind minis are great)

Then after 2 coats were completely dry, I poured a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a dish then dipped my nail into the alcohol for around 5 seconds then took the newsprint and pressed it onto my nail for 15 seconds then gently peeled it away and TA DA newsprint nails.
Just seal with top coat and DONE!!! 

Remove excess words from fingers with a bit of nail polish remover.

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