Friday, April 27, 2012

Japanese Rose Garden Graffiti'd

Hey guys,

So I had a freakin miserable day. First off I was slated to help with inventory at work. Which makes me long for the days of having to do inventory when I worked at Pookey's. At least inventory was inside.
Well for those of you who don't live in my area (You know who you are) yesterday mother nature decided to make it snow. Cold, wet, rainy snow.
So basically I spent the whole morning freezing.
Then the whole afternoon in front of Kathryn's space heater cranked on high trying to dry out my jeans and boots.

Anyways I'm done whining.

So today I have ANOTHER one of Nicole's polishes to show you

This is OPI Japanese Rose Garden

It's a really pretty frosty rose colour.
You can tell this is an older bottle because the name is in black on the bottle.
For the past several years all OPI's polishes have been Big 3 Free and you can tell from the polish names printed in green,

To spice this up a tad I put some NYX Graffiti on my ring & pinky fingers

Total Barbie manicure :)

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