Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NYX - Thunder

Hey ladies.

Soooooo yeah apparently I have nothing to say right now... other than sooo did anyone see DWTS this week? Now what did you think of that elimination? Hmmm?
Unexpected? I thought so.

Moving on

so while digging through my polish I realized that I hadn't swatched this pretty baby for you guys yet.

This is NYX Thunder.

A really pretty sky blue frost.
I love NYX polishes they're pretty and DIRT cheap! Woohoo
It's funny cause I'm a huge polish snob most of the time but I feel like this polish out performs some of the pricier polishes so I just always pretend that it's like 80% off all the time haha.

Now if you're thinking hmmm isn't this polish like another NYX polish that you posted about a while back? Yes You'd be correct. that polish is South Sea, but alas it's different. See the South Sea swatch below :)

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