Monday, April 23, 2012

Monochrome Dots

Hey guys

So exciting news. My Nfu Oh Holos came in the mail today so I'll probably spend most of the week rocking those babies, so expect to see them next week, along with a review of the Nfu Oh Aqua Base. Is it worth it? Does it make a difference? We're going to see. I changed my entire order so I could get it so lets see if it was worth it.

Anyways I love this manicure.
this was me again playing with my dotter tool and this was probably the first time I got super excited about the results

This is just

Wet & Wild Fantasy Makers - Black Pearl
Essie - Blanc

I'm aware I need a new black polish that isn't in a tombstone bottle but this one works really well and does the trick so until it runs out tombstone bottle it is.

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