Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OPI Metallics

Hey guys! 

So some exciting news today!
1st. OPI announced their Amazing Spiderman collection. I've already decided that there are at least 2 colours that I need even though the one of them is probably something like GOSH's Golden Dragon. We'll see.
2nd. I got my birthday present from my bestie Nicole today after many near misses, It was EPIC, more on that later.
3rd. Today Operation: Demolish Bingo Wings began. Chelsea will be like "You don't have bingo wings" and she's right they aren't flappy yet but give 'em a few years so we're nipping that in the bud starting today. Let me tell you it SUCKS! but what won't suck will be the results. 
Now I know how my students always felt when I gave them "If it doesn't hurt you probably aren't doing it right" speech.

Onward to the NAILSSSS

This was actually the manicure I wore when I went to go see the Hunger Games still in the "Girl on Fire" realm.

I Used
OPI Designer De Better (Champagne)
OPI Rising Star (Gold)
OPI Take the Stage (Copper)

Tonight we also welcome a new reader. My dear friend and nail polish addict Care.
Welcome to the madness my love.
(pssst head down to the bottom of the page and follow my blog with the Google friend connect :) I'll buy you a pony if you do.)

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