Friday, May 3, 2013

A England - Perceval & Heavenly Quotes

Hey guys,

I can't believe it actually took me this long to post these. My initial swatches for the glitters here were crap and needed to be redone. I also just needed a place to put this gorgeous red metallic as well.
I still am 4 polishes away from having a complete A England collection, I always seem to forget when I'm looking for that "extra polish" to complete my NPC order or bump myself over the free shipping line.

First up is this beautiful metallic deep red. This polish is insanely beautiful and I loved it on me as well. I just dig red so much. The formula was amazing this was two steady coats.


Up next is a gold shimmer topper. This is one coat over black. This one is pretty I don't have too much to say about it since it's pretty straight forward.

And The Moonbeams...

I still can't decide my stance on this last one, it's very pretty in person but doesn't want to translate to camera. It's rose pink hex glitter in a gold shimmer, almost like they just dumped a bunch of pink glitter into a vat of And The Moonbeams... I like this better over white in person but that wasn't working for pictures.
This is one coat over black.

She Walks In Beauty


  1. Perceval is absolute perfection. Wow that finish and tone are just effing FLAWLESS.


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