Monday, May 13, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Spirit of Wonder

Hey guys,

Okay so this week I have Rainbow Honey polishes for you!
You've seen a lot of these white based glitters by now but I love them, some people insist they've been done to death but man I love them and no two I have are alike. This one is a perfect shade for winter (of course it's spring now but whatever) The multi blue glitter and there is ever larger white hex glitter buried deep within it that I love. I can't wait to wear this more come winter!

This was from their holiday collection, This is two coats.

This is
Rainbow Honey - Spirit Of Wonder


  1. Remind me again why this is in my untrieds? I am into this. Love white crelly glitter mixes too.

  2. This one is beautiful as well and I agree that it'll be perfect for winter!


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