Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Kawako

Hey guys,

So by now it's pretty clear I had a significant Rainbow Honey haul in early April. Of course I placed my order the last day in March, before they released Bubble Beam which I want so BADLY, and now Ivy's Kiss. Dang, I seriously want both but I don't want enough for free shipping. Seriously free shipping is the greatest thing in the world, you websites that don't have some sort of Free Shipping threshold - uncool, RH's free shipping starts at $50 which is pretty good, unlike some websites that are $70 or higher. 

I'm sure I'll bite the bullet soon seeing as they're both limited editions. Anyways onto this polish.
This is part of the Yokai collection. I loved Kitsune so much, and with confirmation from Melissa that the rest of the collection was equally as awesome I splurged. 

This is two coats. I loved the iridescent flake in this.

This is
Rainbow Honey - Kawako

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  1. Man Kawako is gorgeous! I really need to swatch and photograph all my Rainbow Honey, I have no idea what's keeping me. I still say you should get Bubble Beam and Ivy's Kiss. They're both pretty amazing, I gotta say.


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