Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sally Hansen Swatch Spam

Hey guys,

So I'm going to try to clear out some old back log so that these don't wind up getting buried for too long. So for a couple days bare with me with some old & musty back log posts so I can move on to new stuff! Yay!

This post is comprised of Christmas presents I got at Christmas (see what I mean when I say old and musty??) Each of these was given to me by one of my lovely co workers.

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Now I've spoke about being a polish snob many times, but I actually really enjoyed getting to try out a couple of these Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's the two I got had a great formula. 2 coats and you are pretty much good to go, and with a fantastic dry time! If you need to be out the door quickly these are the way to go. The one thing I didn't like? The bottle shape. Way to not want to fit nicely in my helmer. 

Blue Streak

Next is one of Sally Hansen's magnetic polish, this was two coats and here it is stacked up against the other  purple magnetic polish I have in my collection - Nails Inc Houses of Parliament

Polar Purple

Next is the other insta-dri I got, as far as formula goes you can just look at the description for Blue Streak. How awesome is this purple though?

Pronto Purple

Next is a Diamond Strength polish, I didn't realize the base in this was tinted otherwise I would have swatched it over white or purple. But considering this was swatched over blue you can see how tinted the base is. I found the dry time on this one to be long. I wound up smudging it anyways.

Wedding Crasher
(over Blue Streak)


  1. I hate the Sally Hansen Insta-dri bottles! I really ended up liking Sally Hansen's polish though. Pretty darn great for drugstore polish.


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