Wednesday, May 8, 2013

HITS - Afrodite

Hey guys,

So this low buy is killing me. I've been trying really hard not to just go nuts. Last Friday I was playing around on the ipad and of course I found myself on NPC and I had added 12 China Glaze polishes to my cart.... TWELVE! Seriously. Who does that? I managed to stop myself by chanting a mantra of "Vet Bills, Black Milk Leggings, Tattoos," over and over again, with a "I am the blood of the Dragon," for good measure. Geez, when did my polish addiction get so bad that suddenly dropping $100 on polish is nothing. 

For this week's edition of "On Wednesday's We Wear Pink!" I have another Hits holo for you guys today, this is Afrodite, as in Aphrodite the goddess of love & beauty. Now when I think of Aphrodite I always imagine her as this yeah I watched a lot of Hercules and Xena growing up. 

This pink was a little on the sheer side so this is three coats. I used Nfu Oh's aqua base for this, as I do with all my linear holos. This shade of pink wasn't too excited with my skin tone so next time I might layer this over black to see what happens.

This is
HITS No Olimpo - Afrodite

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  1. This low buy is killing me as well... But I bought a really shitty Star Trek shirt for next week. That's my foolish buy of the month.


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