Thursday, May 30, 2013

OPI James Bond Swatches

Hey guys,

So for some reason it took me FOREVER to really get my act in gear with OPI's James Bond Holiday collection. So long that I actually had to enlist help from Melissa who lives in a different province. Fortunately her search was fruitful and she managed to find 3 of the polishes I was looking for, and at a spectacular price as well. Then I came across the other one I wanted on a random trip, for not a spectacular price.

Anyways without further adieu here are my James Bond swatches!

First up is a gorgeous eggplant-purple. This was one of the ones Melissa picked up for me. I feel like this colour really fits in with their Euro Centrale collection as was evident in the colour block manicure I did a couple weeks ago. This was two coats.

Casino Royale

Next is another one from Vancouver, this is a bright orangey-red shimmer. Sometimes I feel like no one does red quite like OPI, this was two coats.

Die Another Day

Next is the polish I bought myself, I was actually pretty excited about this one, I read a lot of reviews saying this one had a really intense smell to it. I can't say I noticed anything that was mind blowing. As far as this colour goes I love it, the shimmery-flake is gorgeous. This was two coats.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Last is a gorgeous oxblood red creme. This colour just makes me feel great inside. This was three coats. Just a great solid creme. This was the last one Melissa picked up for me. Also I can't say the name of this polish without hearing Adele's voice in my head. I love it.


Also a HUGE thank you to Melissa at Claw of Cthulhu for making this post possible.

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  1. Yay! I was wondering if you were ever going to post these! LOL Man you make Die Another Day look GOOOOOOD. I love it. Application looks good for all of these!


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