Friday, July 5, 2013

Dollish Polish - Gotham City

Hey guys,

Okay so let me start with this: I've always been on the fence about Batman. I loved the old campy Batman and even the Batman cartoons. However I can't say I'm super thrilled with the new Dark Knight trilogy. Is it good? Yes. Is it depressing? Yes. I don't know I always preferred my Batman a bit more colourful.

Moving on, needless to say when I saw this I had to have it (does it happen any other way?)
Teal and black glitters of different shapes and sizes. It even has bar glitter which didn't give me ANY problems, which was a total surprise because you know how bar glitter can be.

This is two coats, with one coat of SV.

This is
Dollish Polish - Gotham City
over Deborah Lippman - Prelude to a Kiss

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  1. It has bar glitter but I am not cringing. I think that means I like it.


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