Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dollish Polish - Things Are Looking Very GRIMM

Hey guys,

Grimm is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows, at first I was kinda like okay this is cool, that guy is hot. But now I'm all GAH GOTTA WATCH GRIMM!!! Also what kind of show ends the season with "To Be Continued... Come on, You knew this was coming" Cheeky JERKS. Just kidding I love it, so much better than just a regular ol' cliff hanger.

This is a murky blackened grey, jelly base full of shimmer with large green hex glitter and even bigger circle glitters. Now I'll be the first to say getting the large glitters out required a lot of fishing and placement, I could only get 1 circle glitter out of the bottle for my whole mani, or maybe I got another out for my other hand I can't remember. Anyways so keep that in mind, however that's not something that's uncommon for large sparse glitter.

This is two coats over Here Today Aragon tomorrow.

This is
Dollish Polish - Things Are Looking Very GRIMM
Over OPI - Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

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  1. I like those giant circle glitters but it's always a shame when they're so shy to get out of the damn bottle!


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