Sunday, July 14, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Bonjour Paris

Hey guys,

So today I truly have the last of my Enchanted Polish for you, I just love EP's logo so much so gorgeous. I'm also so glad that good things have happened for them and for their polish. I don't know I find it really sad when someone has a kick ass brand name and ideas but their polishes just seem to miss the mark entirely.

Anyways so this is from their Big City Lights collection, same as Ciao Milano. This one seemed to have a little less colour shift to the glitter or maybe it was just me. This is one coat over black.

This is
Enchanted Polish - Bonjour Paris

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  1. Man Enchanted Polishes are the best. I get the hype but the prices still make me cry. Also the availability - why can't I get them when I want them (and have money)?


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