Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dollish Polish - Poor Unfortunate Souls

Hey guys,

So if you're a late eights or early 90's girl odds are The Little Mermaid was something you watched 100 times on end. I think it still holds up for the most part. And lets face it Ursula was pretty dang creepy, especially with those eyes and that voice.

When DP did their big restock/relaunch with their new square bottles - Which lets talk about those for a second. While they are pleasing to the eye I kind of hate the cap, it's awful to get off because you have to screw it on so tight to get the cap to line up with the bottle or leave it loose which I don't like doing.

Sorry, I digress - anyways when they did their restock, Poor Unfortunate Souls was the Mystery Polish. Obviously I shoved it in my cart as soon as I saw it was Disney themed.

The colours in the polish match Ursula perfectly. Purple, pink, black & blue. This is pretty much a glitter bomb. Because of the densely packed glitter it was a bit tricky to get the glitter on without dragging.
For this I used 2 coats over Siberian Nights, with one coat Glitter Food and one coat SV.

This is
Dollish Polish - Poor Unfortunate Souls
over OPI - Siberian Nights

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  1. I just love the crap out of the depth on this one. Totally Ursula inspired. Love those colours layered like that in black. So good.


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