Monday, July 8, 2013

Dollish Polish - TEAM Salvatore

Hey guys,

So when it comes to The Vampire Diaries and the Salvatore brothers I have always been firmly Team Stefan, even though I totally think Damon is a dreamboat, there is something about Stefan I can't shake. More often than not I tend to pick the "good guy" there are of course exceptions to this rule.

That being said I do believe I am a big supporter of Team Salvatore in general.
This shade is one that is headed to Dollish Polish's Acetone vault, which means once it's gone it's gone.
It's a black, red & silver glitter topper. I previously talked about my love for that colour combo in my post about TONP - Annabella, and where that polish fell flat this one hits the mark. It's beautiful without being overwhelming.

This is two coats over Au Champagne with one coat SV.

This is
Dollish Polish - TEAM Salvatore
over Orly - Au Champagne

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  1. Ohh Stefan and Damon, such a hot brother duo! :-)
    I really like the colours in this glitter topper.


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