Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A England - Briar Rose

Hey guys,

So this is the polish I was the MOST excited for. As soon as I found out there was going to be a namesake polish for my puppy I freaked.
Time for an origin story about my dog. Feel free to skip this part. So years ago my cousin and his wife got an Akita puppy named Paris, when we finally got to meet Paris, Dad said if you can find an Akita like Paris you can have an Akita. So needless to say when a brand new Akita puppy walked in the pet food store where I worked I had to know where this puppy came from so I got the name of the breeder and next thing I knew is we were on our way for me to pick out my very own Akita puppy.
So I knew I pretty much wanted a girl, we had an 11 year old male Husky at home and I knew male/female gender combos tend to coexist better together, and the fact that Simba had never lived with another dog before I wanted to try any avoid problems. So now it came down to names what did I want to name my puppy. I knew if I wound up with a male puppy he was going to be named Magnum (yes I do realize that's a condom... don't care) but more than likely I was going to wind up with a female. So I looked to my beloved old Husky, who was named after a Disney Character (The Lion King was really big in 1995) so why not follow the trend and pick a Disney themed name. Well why not my favourite Princess? So that's where the name Briar Rose came from. Then she sat in the corner, the lady said that's the weird one. So I picked her up and she licked my hand and here we are 6 1/2 years later.

Okay that was longer than I intended it to be so that being said I'll keep this short.

The holo in this dusty rose polish is so gorgeous. There were no let downs in formula either. This was 2 coats.

This is
A England - Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

And here is a pic of Miss Briar Rose grinning because she is so happy this polish is so pretty!


  1. Yay a polish where I don't have to say I WISH I HAD THAT - because I actually do for once!!! I will totally think of you too once I get the chance to use it!


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